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Monday, November 21, 2011

Nothing to do

I never knew life was so easy. Imagine someone telling you “Hey, you don’t have to do anything”.

Feeling good? Who doesn’t?

Today, on a rainy Friday evening, I thought I will do some reading online. You will be thinking that this guy starts by saying about doing nothing and does something else.

Well, unplanned activity sometimes yields great results. Just like those un-planned leaves give me brickbats from my people above me.

I was reading a Blog (don’t ask me the name) and that lead me to a website (don’t ask me the name again) which had lot of information on Testing. I could read it online or download a zipped file. I was destined to do the latter and never knew something was in store for me that I had not seen it before. Not sure how many of you have seen this.

I clicked on the “Download Zipped File” icon and there came a File Download dialog staring at me, asking me if I want to Open, Save or Cancel.

I chose to “Open” the zipped file. I could find a PDF File inside which could expectedly be a treasure trove of information.

Instead of Opening or Copying the PDF file, I Cut the PDF File and pasted on my desktop. To my surprise, I saw something I have never seen before.

Two dialogs appeared. One said “Deleting From Archive…” with a “Cancel” button, but I really could not understand what was getting “deleted” and where from did the “Archive” come into picture. The other dialog gave a smile on my face as if someone was running a feather on my ears. This dialog is very close to my heart as it said “Nothing to do.”

Nice to see “something” asking me to do “nothing”. But the dialog had a title “Compressed (zipped) Folders Error” and told me to do nothing with an OK button. I was curious and dying to click the OK button to know what could happen next.

When I clicked OK, something disturbed me even more. After seeing the above two dialogs, I thought I was in for some trouble. But that was not the case, thanks to my planetary positions on a Friday evening. The PDF file was actually saved on to the Desktop. If you see my desktop Cats, even they are surprised to see the saved file. Don’t they look surprised?

Wow…What a Bug I encountered on a rainy Friday evening when all other testers had gone home to spend a time with their families and friends.

You know what, sometimes it pays to stay back on Friday evenings and explore the un-explored. Having said this, a meeting with two campus minds a few days back, comes to my mind. I met them and spoke to them and trust me, I was talking to a campus mind for the first time so closely. It gave me a feeling that these minds are our future. They have all the energy and raring to go. They made me feel so happy with their presence. I spoke to them at length and told them that they had made the best move by choosing Software Testing as their careers as they seemed very passionate about testing.

After seeing the above Windows Bug, our Campus Minds will feel that they have made the right choice of becoming Testers. Testers of today could be Testing Legends of tomorrow.

Will anyone dare say “Nothing to do” to these legends?


  1. Hi Rrajesh,

    That campus mind is very lucky to have you as boss....
    Inspiring blog.....

    1. Thanks Ananymous. I am equally lucky to have them and work with them.

      I am not their boss. They are the real bosses.