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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where do Bugs come from?

I am a tester. I should think. Where do the Bugs come from? Have I thought about it before? Never!

I am busy finding bugs and reporting them. Verifying them if they are fixed. If they are fixed, I am closing them.

I never find time to think as to where do Bugs come from. For a moment, let me forget everything and just concentrate on one thing; the origination of bugs.

Wow! Now I get a great feeling. I am slowly getting into the grove of the situation of my thoughts on the origination of Bugs.

After all, where do the Bugs come from?

I am now smiling. My thought process has started. I am everywhere. My mind is everywhere.

I close my eyes. I think. My eyes are still closed as my mind wanders about everywhere.

The Bugs can come from anywhere.

• EOI – Expression of Intent
• RFP - Request for Proposal
• Proposal
• SOW – Statement of Work
• Requirements
• Design
• Code
• Integration
• Network
• Interface
• Database
• Web
• Browser
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• Family
• Friends
• Health
• Attitude

The list goes on.

What a funny list of “groceries” for testers?

I probed myself once and mostly found that the grocery list is real and it is growing further.

Now do YOU know where Bugs come from?

Groceries List?