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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where do Bugs come from?

I am a tester. I should think. Where do the Bugs come from? Have I thought about it before? Never!

I am busy finding bugs and reporting them. Verifying them if they are fixed. If they are fixed, I am closing them.

I never find time to think as to where do Bugs come from. For a moment, let me forget everything and just concentrate on one thing; the origination of bugs.

Wow! Now I get a great feeling. I am slowly getting into the grove of the situation of my thoughts on the origination of Bugs.

After all, where do the Bugs come from?

I am now smiling. My thought process has started. I am everywhere. My mind is everywhere.

I close my eyes. I think. My eyes are still closed as my mind wanders about everywhere.

The Bugs can come from anywhere.

• EOI – Expression of Intent
• RFP - Request for Proposal
• Proposal
• SOW – Statement of Work
• Requirements
• Design
• Code
• Integration
• Network
• Interface
• Database
• Web
• Browser
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• Family
• Friends
• Health
• Attitude

The list goes on.

What a funny list of “groceries” for testers?

I probed myself once and mostly found that the grocery list is real and it is growing further.

Now do YOU know where Bugs come from?

Groceries List?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bugs will not come to you; you will have to go behind bugs...

Have you found bugs in your life? What a silly question to ask. Who hasn't found bugs? Everyone would have found bugs in their lifetime. Not testers alone but everyone.

How see something different and you call it unusual. You see some issue, and you call it a problem. You expect something and you get something and you call it a BUG. When BUG is found, you call yourself a TESTER.

Don't we know it's common for testers to find bugs? If testers don't find bugs then who else will?

Well that's not the point here. The point is not to find the found bugs. The point here is to find the unfound bugs; those bugs that are found after digging deep; those bugs that are found after lot of trials; those bugs that give the developers nightmares and those that give the testers a sense of pride.

My dear tester folks! go after such bugs that will make you stand out in the crowd. Find bugs which will be an example to others, such bugs that can get fixed only by a top developer, such bugs that get deferred due to its complexity.

Finding hidden bugs will always earn you respect. Dig deep and you will find so many un-thought bugs, so many un-explored bugs.

Such Bugs will not come to you; you will have to go behind such Bugs...