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Monday, August 15, 2011

16 August - Indian Software Tester's Day - Sounds Good ?

Happy Independence Day to all Indians across the Globe.
And Happy Independence Day to all Indian Software Testers across the Globe.

What does freedom mean to all? Freedom to do anything within the purview of the Law. In the software testing context, freedom to a tester means to do anything within the purview of the scope of testing, and sometimes, beyond that.

Any software tester needs that freedom to achieve a goal. Goal is Quality. Tester needs freedom to explore everything and unearth bugs. Tester needs a free hand to explore, experience and experiment the application under test.

I am somehow against holding a tester responsible for duplicate or rejected bugs. That's against the freedom of a tester. What's the big deal with a duplicate bug or a rejected bug. The customer is equally responsible for the quality of application. The tester is not responsible when the requirements are not frozen (freezed)(finalized)(baselined), the customer is.

The customer or the stakeholder should understand that a tester is there to test the application and find bugs, not to face enquiry committees for duplicate bugs, rejected bugs, leaked bugs.

Unless the tester is a free bird to test what he wants, how he wants, any barriers would discourage a tester to do a good job in testing. Let alone do a good job, a tester would think twice before plunging into a testing job.

16 August should be called as INDIAN SOFTWARE TESTER'S DAY, a day after the Freedom day of all Indians.


Jai Hind!!!

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  1. Hello Burji,

    I am feeling lucky that i find your blog while searching somewhere in google, its very good and the info u posting so good...

    Keep up the spirit.
    Arjun B M